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The retail sector is an evergreen sector, the ratios of the demand are high and dull patches are missing in the terms of seasonality. In the last three decades, the business models of retail sector have seen some sea changes. Big players tried to organize it by coming up with big malls and shopping spaces, in the next step of advancement these big malls and giants of retail sector also went for expansion by striking deals with small plazas and other establishments.

Innovative ways of spot selling and merchandise spot selling also created some revenue models for this sector. Now when the theory of the four P’s of marketing has changed, many experts believe that retail industry also needs a transformation and they will definitely come up with new choices. These new choices can create many opportunities in the field of investment. The retail sector never looked back during various tough times. Retail industry trends always remained steady in the past, this is a big factor supporting this industry.

The retail industry trends are encouraging in nature from last so many years, this industry is innovating itself by adding new features and conveniences in the offerings all the time. Retail Market Research is one area where a lot of work is happening on various levels. They are working out the methods to create better displays, they are working hard on the consumer behavior patterns and largely they are working hard to connect it with IT technology. Retail plus IT sector can be the next big thing to attract the attention of big money investor.

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