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Check it on a macro level and you will find that countries are busy in striking treaties with each other in order to cater to the water flowing through the natural drainage of earth, the rivers. This flow of water is supporting the segments of transportation and energy as well. It means that it is a precious gift of nature that was available in plenty, however, now the banks are drying down.

In the past investors were not very sure of this sector because risk factors were high and things were not under the control. Experts were unable to predict droughts and floods. This uncertainty restricted the growth of this segment to the government sector only. Things have changed now, now water and supportive industries are now becoming more stable because the culture of water harvesting is seeping in at all levels. The promoters of the infrastructure are keener on digging the canals and water-recycling plants are coming in to cater to the shortage of the water. Waterborne industries and industrial processes are here to leave a certain mark in the terms of the profit. Right now big organizations are embracing these solutions on the notes of “corporate social responsibility.” Any layman can predict the future; soon these solutions will hit the main markets when an acute shortage of water will hit various countries.

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